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08 Mayıs Pzt


Nati Yoga İstinye

Elements Masterclass

Water and Fire

Elements Masterclass

Saat ve Yer

08 May 18:30 – 20:00

Nati Yoga İstinye, İstinye, Çayır Cd. no65, 34460 Sarıyer/İstanbul, Türkiye


Etkinlik Hakkında

“ELEMENTS MASTERCLASS”- Ola Jas ile iki bölümden oluşan bu atölyede buluşuyoruz.

Çalışmanın tamamına veya yalnız seçtiğin bir buluşmaya katılabilirsin. Program geneli İngilizce dilde gerçekleşecek gerektiğinde Türkçe ‘ye çeviri imkanı sunulacaktır. Kayıt sırasında çeviri ihtiyacını belirtmeni rica ederiz.


“ELEMENTS MASTERCLASS” buluşma tarihleri;

🌟 1. Water Element: Wave your Transitions ~

6 Mayıs//11:00-12:30


⭐️ 2. Fire Element: Organic Alchemy Vinyasa Flow~

08 Mayıs //18:30-20:00


Bu özel çalışmaya hepinizi bekliyoruz!

Yoga’ya Davet!


Water Element Masterclass:

Wave your Transitions ~

The liquid body in between the asanas.


Sacred geometry is everywhere and within our own body. The wave is a powerful movement that we can explore in Vinyasa Yoga. We will break it into technical details to gain new sensations in our flow, and use the shape of the spiral, as the symbol of an infinite (exponential) energy.


We will move from linear into round shapes to maximise our trajectories, with a focus on transitions.


In this class, you can gain fluidity and grace in your movement and optimise your vitality.

Fire Element

Organic Alchemy Vinyasa Flow~ the power of creativity and transformation.

In this vinyasa flow, we are going to explore the sensations to the next level. How nature can inspire our moves, how we can transform our emotions into motions unfolding into our personal expression of an organic alchemy.


You will be guided to playfulness through a creative sequence with heart aswell as hips opening and inversions.


Bio:Ola shares her unique blend of Yoga, inspired in a wide range of movement, from dance to healing arts. With a circus background, she calls the power of imagination to get further away of limiting boundaries, inviting you to gain confidence and availability in your body. Through a contemporary flow and progressive methodology, her sessions are a travel from the matter to the subtle, to increment our intuition, through the awareness of the sensations and towards optimising our vitality, which allows to create more harmony in life.


Program Yeri: İstinye Stüdyo

Program Ücreti: Bir buluşma için 380TL,

Nati Yoga Aktif üyeliği bulunanlara 320TL'dir.

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